Henry Moree bio picture

Henry Moree

Chief Executive Officer

Value Delivered

Having founded MOR PPM (PPM) in 1978, Henry Moree led the company in all day-to-day operations, while working in conjunction with the EMCOR Building Services Leadership Team, until 2015. Henry's relationship-oriented management style helped establish a core management team with an average tenure of nearly 20 years.

Focusing on the five key principles that shape the company's vision— safety, quality, productivity, dependability, and training— Henry has led PPM in its efforts at becoming a valued partner to all of its industrial customers. PPM's project-management approach has developed many 20- and 30-year continuous partnerships with power, pulp and paper, and general manufacturing customers.


Henry brings over 40 years experience as a tradesman, supervisor, and manager in the mechanical maintenance and construction sector. For 37 years, he’s served as President of PPM. Prior to taking on his key executive role, Henry personally supervised hundreds of outages, shutdowns, capital renovation projects, and expansion projects.

Henry is a retired Marine and was twice elected mayor of his hometown, Society Hill, South Carolina, where he still resides.

The Personal Side

Henry and his wife, Kelly, have two children. Henry has two grandchildren. Henry’s oldest child, Hank, is actively involved at PPM as the Executive Vice President and COO. In his free time, Henry enjoys hunting, fishing, go-cart racing, traveling, and looking after his hunting and fishing preserve.